A Letter to the APA

This is phenomenal! It’s the letter that Lisa Marchiano, who is a psychotherapist, wrote to the American Psychological Association committee that deals with both gay and trans issues. It’s a cavalcade of every important point. What the research does and doesn’t show, social contagion, detransitioners. It’s in the hands of the psychotherapist supremos now. Let’s hope they don’t ignore it.

First, Do No Harm: Youth Gender Professionals

Psychotherapist Lisa Marchiano sent the following letter to the APA in support of Justine Kreher of thehomorarchy.com. Lisa blogs on parenting at https://blogs.psychcentral.com/big-picture-parenting/ and blogs on Jungian topics at http://www.theJungSoul.com. She can be found on Twitter at @LisaMarchiano.

March 6, 2017

Dear Members of APA Division 44:

I am writing this letter in support of my colleague Justine Kreher of thehomoarchy.com. (Her letter can be foundhere.) I am a licensed clinical social worker and Jungian analyst who has consulted with dozens of families who have a transgender identified teen. My experience with these families has shown me that parents want to protect their child from drastic and potentially harmful medical intervention that may not be necessary.

I have many concerns about the role of psychologists and other mental health professionals in affirming a young person’s self-diagnosis as transgender, and encouraging immediate social and/or medical transition. For the sake…

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This is superb. And damn near comprehensive. A good starting point for somebody just learning about the whole transgender ideology and fiasco.

The truth about AUTOGYNEPHILIA

trans-kool-aidIf things are not called by their right names, language departs from truth. When language departs from truth, nothing can be done well.

When nothing is done well, good practices and good music fall by the wayside. When these are gone, justice is unequal and unfair.

When justice is broken in this way, the people feel afraid and stuck.

Therefore, the wise person uses right words and calls things by their right names; and also makes sure that in response to these words, the right things are done. Let these words be true.
– K’ung-fu-tze (Confucius), around 2500 years ago



Biology According to men and women who mimic stereotypes of appearance and behavior of the opposite sex: Biology is an antiquated and highly “transphobic” mish-mash of lies and severe errors that in the present context works oppressively to “invalidate trans identities.”

According to everyone else: Biology is a…

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A Gay Man Writes About Medicalized Childhood

A beautiful description of the back-and-forth process people go through to understand that they’re gay. And then a trenchant examination of the transkid process today. It’s dubious notice and its dangers.

First, Do No Harm: Youth Gender Professionals

Marcus lives in the United Kingdom. He can be reached at @LogicalMarcus on Twitter. He has provided an extensive bibliography at the end of this piece.

fireworksI am nine years old and at a Halloween party. I am playing with a boy my own age with black curly hair. As the fireworks go off I notice how beautiful he is. I never see him again.

I am fourteen and unhappy. My school friends talk about girls all the time, and I can’t relate. I am becoming bookish and withdrawn. In the local college library I find a book by William Burroughs describing a wild life where men love other men in a city called San Francisco. I find the book exciting. I have never heard the word “gay” other than as an insult before.

I am fifteen and at a sleep over with a male friend. We are watching porn…

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On the butchering of “essentialism”

This is from a couple years ago, really good explanation of what essentialism is. And what it isn’t, as in the weird trans claims about it. Good and easy to understand.

Women of the Patriarchy

“Essentialism” – RANCOM!

“Those radfems and their essentialist nonsense.” – Various, numerous transgenderists.

The first time I heard this, I was puzzled because, well, radical feminists aren’t essentialists. The entire position of radical feminism is based on an analysis of the ways in which society, and the structures and systems in it, create and perpetuate gender roles and the oppression of women. It’s almost the definition of anti-essentialism because it identifies people, not biology, as the creators of differences between men and women. Radical feminists are the archetypal social constructivists.

When I originally came across the claim that radical feminists were essentialists, I thought it was a mistake, and so I explained it to the person who said it. But then I heard it again. And again. And again.

Feminists and trans theorists alike know “essentialism” to be a bad word.  It has heavy ties to biotruths and evolutionary psych…

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Gender Activism in Schools

An unusually lucid and detailed description of a transactivist invasion of an elementary school. They came with children’s books about acceptance but then moved straight into promoting the belief in brain sex. A must read.

First, Do No Harm: Youth Gender Professionals

The following post comes from Emily. As you read Emily’s account, please keep in mind that the children supported in transitioning by the activism at Emily’s school are going down a path that may well lead to becoming a life-long medical patient, taking off-label hormones, and amputating healthy tissue.

Emily is happy to make connections with other people who might be interested in this issue. If you would like to reach her, please use the contact form on this blog. 

Transgender ideology landed at my doorstep, or more correctly, the doorstep of my children’s school, for the first time last year. 2015 was the year transgender culture went mainstream and took its goals of divorcing sex from gender to the American public at large. The media, private businesses, the military, and public schools have all been swept up into the furor of who gets to use what bathroom. Honestly, I…

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Response to “Fear of a Trans Planet”

It’s starting. People who have gone through the trans looking glass, come out the other side and are saying bluntly how bad it is. This is a post you wanna read. This is the result of the No Gatekeeping world. Bloody trans fanatics, they’re shooting themselves in the foot by encouraging the sloppy practice that led to this particular detransitioners experiences.


(This is a response to this article; I’m reposting it here because their comment box doesn’t allow line breaks, so this way I can post a link to it for anyone else who absolutely cannot read that many words with no lines in between.)

“Where are the people who switched pronouns at 10, switched pronouns again at 25, and found the experience traumatizing? Where are the people who received unneeded medical interventions and were permanently, or temporarily, harmed?”

I transitioned FTM at 16, was on testosterone and had a double mastectomy by 17. I’m 20 now and back to understanding myself as a lesbian, like I was before I found out about transition and latched onto it as a way to “fix” body issues created by the challenges of growing up in a deeply misogynistic and lesbian-hating world. I don’t know if he’s ever planning on using the interview…

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Transwoman Activist Cherno Biko confesses to Raping a Transman

This is it. This has to be the tipping point. Regardless of what any individual trans person might be like, the *movement* is about these predatory imbeciles. Same old abuser excuse-making. If trans we’re a real political movement they would clear these people out. They’re like the Donald Trump Campaign of (allegedly) progressive political movements. It’s a subculture. Pretending to be a political movement is part of its subcultural belief system.

We must all call on political leaders who support the transgender movement to call on its leaders to denounce this guy.


Video of the Rapist

Transwoman activist Cherno Biko, a 24 year old male from Ohio, confessed to raping a female “transman” because he wanted to impregnate her and force her to bear his offspring. The confession was posted publicly on Medium.com and titled “Overcoming Sexual Assault”:


The whole piece reads as a long non-pology, quickly shifting focus from Biko’s act of rape to descriptions of his own childhood abuse, and a heroic account of his own activism in the transwoman community. He published the piece without consulting or notifying the victim.

An excerpt:

“Our relationship existed largely online and we bonded over all the little things only black trans folks can understand. After years of searching, I thought I found the second piece to the holy trinity I wanted to create, complete with a black trans man and our black non-binary baby.

I was wrong. He made it clear…

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