When they seemed like they were about to cry I gave them the cake.

This is horrendous psychological abuse. Under the guise of something politically progressive. The non-trans people saying they had “nothing” because they couldn’t “prove” their gender? NO ONE can prove their gender because it is a made up and constantly shifting social conventions. She did to the other students what the tumblerites do to teenagers who wander into their realm. She made them feel insecure by requiring them to question their gender in order to keep interacting with her. Pure manipulation. Because we believe we are psychologically male and female it’s distressing to realize how superficial that is. Until you than understand that rejecting the stereotypes is liberating. But when you’re punished for recognizing their superficiality, not getting the cake, that isn’t fun. This is like the Blue Eye “experiment” to supposedly teach kids about racism. But that was intensely cruel. The teacher psychologically abused small children to supposedly teach them what being subject to racism is like. Transgender is an ideology about dominating people. This is not how equal rights movements work.


trans cake  

From an FTM forum:

Here’s what I did; First, I gave everyone in the class a warning about what the performance piece would be on, and told everyone that they could stand up and leave at any time if they became anxious/dysphoric/whatever.

The desks were arranged so that there was a circle of desks surrounding one desk in the center of the room, which had two chairs on either side. This was the “interrogation” desk.

I had people come up and select a piece of paper from a hat. Pink, blue, or white. I then explained what the colors meant. Blue was boy, pink was girl, white was non-binary.

For the students who’s gender identity matched with the piece of paper they drew, they got a piece of cake. The other students were asked to wait. I made a point to ask the “cisgender” students how much cake…

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