The Word ‘Cis’ And Chemistry, A Correction

You’ll never guess! I completely buggered up the explanation of what ‘cis’ means in chemistry. Here is the new improved version of my graphic.


Oopsie! on the chemistry mistake. Which is so esoteric I don’t even know what it was. But this version is simpler anyway. Web friends @wild, on Twitter, and lovetruthcourage, both of whom are chemists, pointed out my mistake. I should’ve gone to them in the first place! I knew they were chemists! One so seldom needs esoteric chemistry technical terminology parsed, that I failed to make full use of my resources. But this in no way changes the fact that ‘cis’ was simply picked up as unrelated chemistry jargon in order for transgender activists to have a negative term for regular people. ‘Cis’ is a word that is counterpoised in chemistry to the chemistry term ‘trans’. But the ‘trans’ in transgender and transsexual, and transvestite, do not refer to the structure of molecules.


Across, beyond, crossing“. So in other words: crossdressing. They want us to think it means ‘changing thoroughly’ as in transliterate. But they aren’t changed thoroughly. And although transgender ideology is as magical as transubstantiation, they really aren’t interested in transcending sex roles with their rules and expectations.

The take away message: cis is mean-spirited slang.


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