Schools In Brighton Say Choose Your Gender!

I made this after reading in January about a survey sent to teenagers by the British government via their schools that gave them a list of over 20 different “genders”. And asked which applied to them.

Here’s an article about that

Just the other day Brighton and Hove’s weird school activities were in the news again. They were asking four-year-olds what gender they were. It’s all explained in this news clip where petuniacatland friend Stephanie Davies-Arai attempts to set things straight.

Let’s just remind ourselves that “gender” is just a collective term for the 2 sex roles of masculine and feminine. And their contents are not something deep inside us. They are social conventions. Like what side of the plate you put the fork on. 🍽


6 thoughts on “Schools In Brighton Say Choose Your Gender!

  1. 1) sporks! All forks to be sporks. What is this the Middle Ages?

    2) I just wrote a thing today where I use ‘if there was a law that all spoons had to be blue’ as an illustration of something being arbitrary. Like the content of sex roles.

    3) you didn’t even managed to make that into a joke about trans forks! 😦🍴


  2. Reblogged this on freer lives and commented:
    Well done to all concerned in challenging this bureaucratic top-down move to shoehorn kids’ explorations into gender categories. The underlying message of the trans lobby is that females and males are not free to behave as they wish: if they buck convention they have a problem and need to change. The foot must change, not the shoe.

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