Derek Blaine Prepares for a Debate

Derek Blaine is a fictional Oregon state representative. Oregon is a hotbed of trans mania. But Derek sees through it. He asked questions about how transgender is diagnosed, if there’s medical research supporting the treatments. And he did not like what he heard. Derek wants to get the word out about all the problems with the transgender diagnosis, especially for kids. But he knows that any divergence from the trans narrative is met with accusations of bigotry.

This week’s cartoon takes place before a debate Derek is going to be in. He’s discussing that debate with his assistant Scott.

What’s a cartoon without footnotes? 🙂 Here are links to some of the things I read and got the information from and used in this cartoon.

The trans-kid honeymoon is sweet—while it lasts

UK News: 930% Rise In Child Gender Identity Referrals

This is a post I hadn’t seen before that shows data from a whole bunch of studies of “gender nonconforming” children done over a couple decades and whether they grow up to be trans. Most of them did not. Interesting at a glance stuff



2 thoughts on “Derek Blaine Prepares for a Debate

  1. These fake left people are also the people who will tell you with a completely straight face that child sex trafficking is a very minor problem that can easily be addressed with some work, and that prostitution is otherwise a private matter, similar to smoking pot.

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