When is a support group not a support group? The troubling story of a UK trans support group

Well, this will make you scream inside your head. Description of what it’s like inside a trans support group in the UK. Pure cheerleading.😕

First, Do No Harm: Youth Gender Professionals

This contribution comes from an historian of sexuality and a UK academic.

Just as metaphors lose their metaphoricity as they congeal through time into concepts, so subversive performances always run the risk of becoming deadening clichés through their repetition and, most importantly, through their repetition within commodity culture where “subversion” carries market value.  (Judith Butler, Gender Trouble, 1999 Preface, xxii-xxiii)

My epigraph is from Judith Butler’s 1999 Preface to Gender Trouble, often taken as a foundational text of transactivism. Butler is alert to the way in which liberatory rhetoric can shift into its opposite, turning into a form of oppression. And her warning is appropriate to some of the ways in which transactivism has morphed into a regulatory discourse as it has become established as a business in recent years. The claim of transactivism, of course,  is that it is at the forefront of the fight for a new human…

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