Introducing Dr. Shelby!

Dr. Shelby, who is fictional works at the real Tavistock clinic. Someone *cough cough* on the Internet has referred to it as the Tavistock Child Sex Change Clinic. It’s usually called the Tavistock and Portman Clinic.  Odette, the woman asking him questions is a reporter. And the setting? OK the setting is one of the ones that comes with the app that lets you make these cartoons and we are just going to pretend it’s a news conference, ‘kay? 😉

Tech Info: this is made with an app called Plotagon. It’s free. And all you have to do is type in the dialogue and the animation is made automatically. It’s available for tablets and for desktop.


5 thoughts on “Introducing Dr. Shelby!

  1. Hi Petuniacat!

    We spoke briefly about animation on another blog – there are some really good tutorials on youtube by a guy called ‘Draw with Jazza’ showing you how to use Adobe Flash to create your own animations. Plus there is some great stuff by Celestial Elf, also on youtube – there’s one called ‘Two Wolves’ where I really liked the animation effects, especially the fire and ‘glow’.

    I trained in art & design, (hence my name), then got into computer graphics but this was years’ ago, and I left the field. Anyway I’m interested in finding out what’s been happening since then and am on a mission!

    Good luck with your animations, they’re great, I’m going to try to create some of my own, would be great to share info as I learn if that’s OK? Don’t want to bore your other readers too much. Take care and keep up the good work 🙂


    • Thanks! Yeah, I should get a contact page. Which would mean digging around in the bowels of wordpress.

      I should warn you I am only interested in making animations of the most easy-ass way possible. Also I’m doing it on iPad. There are some really good apps. I just got one that does stick figure animation but that will sync the lips to it. Which probably depends on how much effort you’re willing to put into that. I also have a vector drawing animation app with keyframe. But I haven’t even done anything with it yet. I’ve been both too sick and too busy. But yeah feel free to tell me about what you’re doing.


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