What Is Transgender? Problems with the Concept

Transgender is treated as an intrinsic aspects of oneself. It’s presented as being a medical condition. These two things are in contradiction. It’s held to be the name for someone who has the characteristic of having been “born in the wrong body”. It’s a more recently invented concept derived from the concept transsexual. Which was explicitly a medical condition. A medical condition where the medical profession endorse the idea that someone could be born in the wrong body.

The unifying element in all of the different ways transgender and transexual have been conceptualized is seeking sex change surgery and hormones. Normally when the cardinal feature of a condition is seeking a particular type of medical care especially for a healthy body that is looked at as a psychological condition of delusional self harm.

Yet transgender is not understood that way. Which raises the question is there some research somewhere that shows some feature of the transgender medical condition, which many people say is not a medical condition but just a way of being, that would cause us to take the delusional self harm issue off the table. There is.

But it’s sexual fetishism. Sexual fetishes definitely exist. “Gender identity” is a thing for which there is no evidence. It is a claimed phenomenon that is pivotal in the transgender/transsexual account of why the people need the surgery they are seeking. The idea of gender identity has been promoted since the 1960s. But no one has ever attempted to prove the existence of gender identity. It is always merely asserted.

The vast majority of people, including in the previous four decades, seeking sex change procedures have been autogynephiles. Really we could just call them extreme transvestite sexual fetishists. They are sexually aroused by wearing women’s clothing. In the case of the autogynephiles* by the idea of being a woman. And that is why they seek the surgery. And the hormones.  That in my view does not constitute being something that is (or nowadays isn’t?) a medical condition called “transgender”.

If the transvestite fetishists seeking sex change procedures are not transgender, then is there some other group of people who are? We are told that there is something called initially Gender Identity Disorder, now called “gender dysphoria” and that the people who have it are transgender. There’s an intrinsic problem with this. Is the psychiatric disorder the same thing as transgender? Because when it comes to just human variation, think gay versus straight, it’s not really a medical condition. And if someone has a medical condition like autism they may be referred to as being an autistic person but that’s still just the name of the medical condition. It may seem like some kind of quibble about language but that the language doesn’t make sense is important.

What historically has driven this whole thing has been surgery seeking. There is strong reason to believe, and other people have expressed this view, that the trope ‘woman trapped in a man’s body’ was just a rhetorical device to justify getting the surgery. And it has also been expressed that saying you will be terribly depressed if you cannot get the surgery was a gambit in the old days when they’re actually were what are now called gatekeepers. When you had to get a psychiatrist agreeing that you had some real medical need to have the operation. None of this constitutes evidence for there being a real psychiatric condition.

But even if there is a psychiatric condition like body dysmorphia, or sex dysphoria how does that make transgender a thing? We’ve all been conditioned to accept that if there’s a psychiatric condition such that people need this sex change procedure that means that transgender is a real thing, that it’s like gay: people just know if they are transgender. They were ‘born that way’. It’s wrong to disapprove of them “being” transgender even though the things that people disapprove of are always actions that they’re taking. Like using the women’s bathroom. Or playing on the girls sports teams. So even if body dysmorphia or sex dysphoria or gender dysphoria or Gender Identity Disorder exist it would not flow from that that there is this special type of person who is ‘transgender’. They would just be someone with a body and gender related horrible psychological problem. Like somebody with anorexia. Diseases don’t = special identities.

I am sceptical about the realness of gender dysphoria. I don’t doubt that there are people who are suffering terrible emotional anguish about their bodies. And I don’t think anyone who knows anything about the world can doubt that there are young gay people who are suffering different degrees of, including severe, emotional distress about being gay. When they haven’t got used to it yet. But I don’t see why either gay or ‘own body-hating’ people should be put into the vague and diagnostic criteria-lacking gender (or sex) dysphoria category. Not because of some intrinsic antipathy towards that category but because if they have some other kind of emotional problem being misdiagnosed with gender dysphoria and put on the path to transgender treatments is not going to help them. It’s going to be very very bad for them.

So yeah I am saying transgender does not exist. It’s a type of psychiatric false category, those occur with alarming frequency, that combines two completely different things. Person is experiencing emotional distress although not necessarily about their sexed body, rather about whatever, and it gets shoehorned into their sex, their body. That’s an inherent limitation in psychiatry. People don’t always know exactly perfectly what it is that’s causing their emotional distress. Anyway the category also contains these fetishists. Who are not experiencing emotional distress at all. Rather they are and have been since the 1970s gaming the system. So my view is transgender does not exist because those things that are held to be elements of it are in fact other, separate, different things. Like koala bears. A koala is not actually a kind of bear. It’s something else instead.

If I’m right about this then all of the non-fetishists who are being diagnosed as transgender really have some other problem that is being completely neglected. This is incredibly not OK. And will certainly go down in history as yet another gigantic medical fuck up.


*We know autogynephiles exist because there are some who think there’s nothing wrong with that. Aren’t hiding it, unlike the transgender activist establishment. And they freely acknowledge that it is a sexual fetish.




One thought on “What Is Transgender? Problems with the Concept

  1. “If I’m right about this then all of the non-fetishists who are being diagnosed as transgender really have some other problem that is being completely neglected.”

    Whenever I see any article, interview or video involving “non-fetishists” (especially kids diagnosed as trans), there’s always something that stands out as a glaring red flag re an underlying issue – a maladaptive belief or set of beliefs, magical thinking, etc. Some comments from detransitioners also support that, mentioning transition didn’t solve their problem. Which is not to suggest it’s bad to have underlying issues, but suppressing or running away from them doesn’t resolve anything. Transition seems like more of a band aid or bandage – cover it up rather than deal with or accept it.

    I also find it interesting that some of the things trans people say, in any other context would be recognised as an issue. But trans is almost like a ‘get out of jail free’ card (albeit a huge price to pay in other ways instead), especially since the revisions to the DSM-5. Now that inclusion in the DSM is purely diagnostic in order ensure insurance cover and access to treatment – combined with the questioning trans is bad rhetoric – any onus on dealing with underlying motivations to transition is non-existent.


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