The Transgender Lobby In Britain





GIRES is a British lobby group and quasi-charity. ‘GIRES’ stands for Gender Identity Research and Education Society. They don’t just lobby the British government, where they are in fact allowed to design policy, they also have programs in primary schools where they bring the gender ‘message’ to small children. This is a post from the excellent blog  4thWaveNow telling about the GIRES primary school program. Gay rights groups have never been allowed to do anything remotely like this.

UK legislators told to inculcate preschoolers with gender dogma

And this is a link to the Transgender Trend post that inspired me to do this cartoon and the previous one

UK News: 930% Rise In Child Gender Identity Referrals


One thought on “The Transgender Lobby In Britain

  1. You have got to be kidding me! The British gov allows transgenderists to indoctrinate children with their polarizing, unproven and disproven views on gender and biological sex? The beliefs of transgenderists are not facts. They wilt in the face of academic scrutiny, when such scrutiny is even given. These narratives must be challenged. This bizarre opportunity to brainwash school children in Britain must be immediately rescinded.

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