A Nice Visual Aid


A nice visual aid for a fact we are all well aware of. This in the context of the ongoing claims by transactivists online that lesbians who don’t want to have sex with “transwomen” who have penises are bigots. Β we have now reached pure on crazy town. It’s time for the mainstream media to expose the fact that this kind of thing is part of the transgender ideology. And there’s no movement so to speak Elders who are telling people to stop claiming this. Let’s all say it again: the transgender ideology is ruthlessly homophobic.

And remember, whether gay or straight, penis is not a giant snake that can hypnotize you. No matter how sad it claims to be. 😊


7 thoughts on “A Nice Visual Aid

  1. I had some dude whining at me the other day about how GLB *needs* T. I had a few things to reply about what lesbians do not need, including people telling us refusing sex is hate speech, and also including men telling us they know what we need better than we do.

    I do empathize with people who are so traumatized that they cannot stand being their own sex, but the rest of this nonsense is all just basically trolling. Why can’t we just fight for freedom of gender presentation instead of this identity rot?

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  2. Apt.

    I think there are three different things getting mixed up together. First off there’s the traumatized/emotionally distressed people. They are disgusted by their bodies and they focus on gender. The gender focus comes from our society but the disgust doesn’t. They are one thing.

    Then there are the autogynephiles. They are the backbone of the transgender ideology. That’s why that ideology is so strange and angry. Unlike actual equal rights movements. Nothing about nothing that the oddest get up to should be tolerated by society. It’s not just that they’re claiming to be a naturally existing minority like gay people, it’s that what they are is bad. That’s why they’re faking being an oppressed minority. And those two things are completely separate from each other. Transgender ideology melts them together but it’s BS.

    The third thing is gender in our society. It’s a hierarchy, it’s a lie, if we didn’t teach kids that certain feelings activities and clothes went with being male and others that have to be totally different go with being female they simply would not think that way. And the fight against that is a separate thing from the whole transgender mess. I don’t really care that much about people’s “gender presentation”. There may well always be some odd (straight) men who want to wear strange clothes to freak out the homophobes but who are uninterested in creating a just society. They like being weird annoying outsiders. So I’m not real concerned about a tiny number of Bohemian’s gender presentation. And after all the autogynephiles don’t want to be non-conformists in public. They want to do their sexual kink in public. I don’t think making the world safe for males even who aren’t autogynephiles to wear skirt-like clothing in public has anything to do with getting rid of gender. Or as I like to call it sex roles. 😊


    • I’m saying that the laws protecting gender identity are misguided. They should be protecting gender presentation so people can’t be fired for breaking dress codes. Freedom of expression merits legal protection, freedom to have your delusions or fantasies catered to does not.

      There are disparate things going on under the transgender umbrella, yes. And the main issue is to stop looking the other way when predatory men take advantage of its vagueness to feed their sexual perversions.

      The homosexual rights movement had to deal with being associated with pedophiles in the past, and it was lesbian activism that got those guys kicked out. Now it’s repeating itself with these genderists, and they use the genuinely distressed as a kind of human shield for their transgressions.

      Overall it will never, ever benefit homosexual rights to be associated with sexual predation of any stripe. The more conservative element of the general public tends to lump us all together, and “glbt” doesn’t help matters. But fighting to stop discrimination against people who do not follow the rules of gender is a natural ally to homosexual rights. Gender identity is not. And criticizing people for refusing sex for any reason whatsoever is predatory behaviour and constitutes harassment.

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  3. I agree with like 90% of what you’re saying. And you say it so well. “Human shields”, exactly.

    Oh. When I was talking about “gender presentation” and when you were talking about it again in your second comment I was totally picturing man dressing in some kind of fake version of feminine. I wasn’t thinking of butch lesbians. But yeah, if people are getting fired from jobs for not following a dress code that is more than clothes. You have to wear make up you have to wear a camisole under your blouse instead of just wearing a sweater thing. Like in offices. Yes, people should not be made to do that. But I still don’t see that as some kind of sex neutral thing one would call “gender presentation”. That’s a woman thing. That’s crazy invasive appearance criteria imposed on women. At this point it’s really late at night and I don’t have any clear idea of what I think should happen. But yeah I’m not willing to fold 40+ years of my life dodging the fashion industry’s idea of how to look like a woman into anything called “gender”. Sorry. Those ideas and those rules in workplaces are not about keeping sex-roles separate, they’re all about women as commodities. All about women being made to compete for the attention of men. Like I was reading about earlier this summer, in the Mormon polygamist cults. The wives compete with each other for the husbands attention. Even if they don’t actually like him. Because falling out of favor leads to worse consequences than having to have sex with him.

    OK I should’ve been in bed hours ago and I’m very tired so I’m going to shut up because I think I’m starting to not make sense. Thank you meip for your excellent comments.

    Oh and the story of the early gay movement and the pesos is one that needs to be told over and over again. The so-called political activists today behave as if everyone’s made out of glass. The stuff the 70s gay-rights activists faced and facedown was so much worse than fucking pronouns.

    Night-night. πŸ˜ŠπŸŒ›


  4. A lot of my blog when I am not ranting on about my other interests (politics and political violence) is basically “I am a sadist with a uniform fetish and I can spot other people with….unusual…..sexual interests a mile away. That includes autogynephiles”.

    It seems so obvious to me what they’re up to that it shouldn’t even need said. There should be no reason for a blog like mine. I came across transgender issues both IRL and the explosion of it across the net and it was really obvious to me. What Bruce Jenner gets from calling himself Caitlyn and wearing a corset is the same as what I get from wearing, er, certain uniforms and thinking in detail about torture. Perhaps more healthy, but then considering the way transwacktivists behave online, maybe not.

    I was sure everyone could tell what they were up to, until I started looking around online and realised, no, most people thought they were adorable. I wanted to shout “You do realise they are getting off on this, right?” It was so bloody simple to me that I couldn’t understand how people didn’t realise that most (not all, and the tone is very different) MTTs are having a wank over it. I can hear the tone because, embarrassingly, I have used the tone over roleplay *moving swiftly on*. So even at the risk of my own great embarrassment – and it is embarrassing – I wanted to point that out. These bastards are just as dodgy as me, in fact more so, because I don’t try to pretend what I do in my spare time is normal and healthy.

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  5. hi petuniacat πŸ™‚ many thanks for visiting my blog and liking my art πŸ™‚ have a Happy New Year and a great weekend πŸ™‚


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