The Autogynephile Elephant in the Room


For anybody who doesn’t know an autogynephile is a sexual fetishist, a kind of transvestite. They’re not gay. As GallusMag described them “hetero dudes who get erections from wearing women’s clothes”. The vast majority of people seeking sex change treatment are autogynephiles. Many autogynephiles are violent sex criminals. Who, oh yeah, don’t have their penises or testes removed. They are a completely different phenomenon from Medical Transsexuals. Lots of  people who “support trans” think that they are supporting Medical Transsexuals. But the current transgender movement is actually an autogynephile movement.

Here are some interesting and disturbing posts I found here and there about autogynephiles



3 thoughts on “The Autogynephile Elephant in the Room

  1. Nice elephant! Funny thing that there are no actual autogynephile elephants – female elephants do not perform femininity, after all, so there’s nothing a male elephant could do to look female.

    Letting males with penises into women’s bathrooms is insanity. If they’d make gender change surgery (sex change is not possible) a requirement, that would at least make sure that none of the garden variety perverts get in.
    If “identity” is the only requirement, any pervert who is in the mood to perv on women can just decide he feels female that day.

    The only viable short term solution that would protect transsexuals from violent males (which I think is a thing that should be done, because I am nice that way) is building one-stall bathrooms that open directly to the public area.

    Long term solution should be to rid the world of male violence.

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  2. Have you heard the latest? they’re now trying to argue that autoginephillia is common in real women! They’re trying to equate the fact that we gain confidence from conforming to femininity, with them getting a hard-on from wearing lacy knickers! I shit you not.

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    • Oh I know! I read a letter to a journal by Anne Lawson gutting the horrible Moser’s work on this. First off his study was just to “prove” that women have autogynephilia. Which doesn’t make any sense and wouldn’t help legitimate autogynephilia anyway. And she reproduces his questionnaire. He’s trying to prove that women feel sexually aroused by thinking of themselves as women, right? All of the questions on it are leading questions about feeling sexually aroused in and while anticipating sexual situations. It’s hilarious! Moser’s questionnaire, IIRC, Do you feel sexually aroused when getting dressed to go on a date where you expect to have sex later in the evening? In Blanshard’s real study that Moser is copying for his skevey propaganda reasons, the question is: Do you dress in women’s clothing including underwear for the purposes of becoming aroused and masturbating? So um, yeah the questions were a little different.

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