Different Ends Of the Same Dog







There is a view that when it comes to transitioning children a lot of people’s motivation is to make them ‘un-gay’. And that this massive uncontrolled experiment on children doesn’t elicit more than a peep of criticism is also because the kids would probably grow up to be or are perceived now as gay. The reason people think this is because there is research, I haven’t looked at it myself, showing that what are called ‘gender nonconforming’ children grow up to be gay. And have no problem staying their birth sex. That homophobia is the motivating factor in specific kids being transitioned and in this service being offered as widely as it is at all is a feasible possibility. If it is actually why these procedures are being done it’s a hideous crime.



6 thoughts on “Different Ends Of the Same Dog

  1. If you read the stories about families wanting to trans their children, there is a telling amount of upset at these children displaying GNC tendencies, an upset that leads to looking for “solutions.” The parents often start out when the children are very young. It’s clearly a sort of pathology on the part of the parents, being so afraid of their child’s natural experimenting; and equally clearly predatory in some cases, and at the very least misguided, of medical personnel to leap to “solving” this “problem” with dangerous interference in the hormones of the developing adolescent and later with surgery.

    There is indeed a natural alliance with the religious right, and ironically those of us who decry this practice are accused of being conservative because of our interfering with the glib acceptance of this sort of brutal codifying of “identity” via medical intervention.

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    • Beautifully put. I just this minute finished reading an old Gender Trender post (on stop trans chauvinism) that lays out in detail that very thing. The four-year-old wants to wear princess dresses, Quel horreur! And as you say then that’s the “problem” and they look for a solution to it and these fucking doctors actually hand them one! To what is really a non-problem. Oh and I’m also reading a book about the history of the multiple personality disorder fiasco.

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  2. There was a study done by World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) on gender non conforming children and they reported that “in follow-up studies of prepubertal children (mainly boys) who were referred to clinics Newer studies for assessment of gender dysphoria, the dysphoria persisted into adulthood for only 6–23% of children (Cohen-Kettenis, 2001; Zucker & Bradley, 1995). Boys in these studies were more likely to identify as gay in adulthood than as transgender (Green, 1987; Money & Russo, 1979; Zucker & Bradley, 1995; Zuger, 1984)” from here


    (WPATH is most known for publishing the Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People, but also provides information for professionals and consumers, sponsors scientific conferences and offers ethical guidelines for professionals.)

    Also see the essay, “How dresses can make you mentally ill: Examining gender identity disorder in child” http://www.academia.edu/529881/How_dresses_can_make_you_mentally_ill_Examining_gender_identity_disorder_in_children

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