One Woman’s Attempt To Form An Army of Men To Oppose Men Who Claim To Be Women

This one is funny. Very funny. If only it was of practical use.


[Trigger warning this for discussion of crime, mercenary army building, all around lack of give-a-crap, and poor attempts at humor]

In their ongoing efforts to bully women who disagree with them into silence, the trans activists continue to claim that men committing violence against trans happens because we women won’t sit down, shut up and drinks the trans kool-aid. Now I have called BS on this before and anybody with half a brain should be able to see that women as a class do not have violent men under our control. If we did, I doubt violence against women by men would be such a problem.

It has always seemed clear to me that blaming women for acts committed by men is misogyny most foul. Another way for the men to keep women from trying to have their own spaces and to keep women from setting boundaries for their own…

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