The Big Suicide Rate Examined


This is the fourth wave now post that inspired me to finish this cartoon.

Typical example of why so many parents are cowed into submission by trans activists

The info in the cartoon comes from this post

The 41% trans suicide attempt rate: A tale of flawed data and lazy journalists


4 thoughts on “The Big Suicide Rate Examined

  1. Whenever I see that bogus statistic, I always wonder, where are the bodies. There was an urban legend that much believed in the sixties that you should never throw rice at a wedding because birds would eat the rice and explode. And I asked then, where are the bodies. Where are all the exploded birds? Now, I have to say that I am not equating dead birds and dead people. I have to say it because some transmaniac will accuse me of that. But I continue to wonder…

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  2. Wait, the bird thing isn’t true?! 😉 A very good point. The Satanic ritual abuse the horror show fell afoul of claiming murders that could not be verified. It also was enabled by psychiatrists. It’s creepy to me how the incredibly unpleasant trans activists crow about suicides in order to justify other things. WTF?

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