Right Side of History

I remain permanently astonished that the trans movement has managed to convince so many people, who are pro-gay rights, that it has anything to do with or is even remotely congruent with gay rights. As somebody said recently “gay people by being attracted to their own sex doesn’t require anybody to deny biological reality”.  Trans people do. Trans are all over the Internet saying “a trans woman is a woman”. Including ones who have not had genital surgery and are intact males. But with breasts. It strikes me as the most appalling sort of self abnegating folly for the gay rights movement to think that something as aggressively weird as transgender has anything to do with them. Homosexuality is part of nature. Transgender is part of the cosmetic surgery industry. Also almost all of the harms in the form of legislation that the transgender movement has caused it has been able to do because people, probably almost universally straight people, don’t understand the difference between being gay and being transgender.



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