False Positives

Of all the fundamentally creepy things about the trans movement and it’s whole bushel basket of often unrelated ideas/dogmas one of the ones that always sticks in my brain is they don’t know how to make diagnoses of this. There are no normal diagnostic criteria, there are no tests, they say they just believe some person including children who says that they are the opposite sex. In medicine there something called the Differential Diagnosis. It’s a technique that’s also a list. A list of all the diseases that could cause the symptoms the person has. Doctors are supposed to systematically rule them out. Now the truth is they don’t do that and they don’t for reasons that are completely bogus. But the point is that everybody in medicine and psychiatry knows what the Differential Diagnosis is. They know they’re not doing them in “diagnosing” people including kids with transgender.  The Differential Diagnosis list for transgender would include any kind of emotional distress thing that a person and especially a teenager could get. Anxiety, depression, PTSD etc. It would also include being gay. It would also include being subjected to super rigid and old-fashioned  sex-role norms by your parents. If psychiatry were responding to the alleged transgender condition in the way that is normal and incorrect for psychiatry to do all of these things would be investigated in every person who puts their hand up and says I’m transgender. And it does not happen. In the 70s to some extent it did happen. The psychiatrist that you had to go to to get a certificate that said it was OK for you to have the surgery actually entertain the possibility that you might think you wanted to change your sex but there was really something else emotionally going on with you. That’s how the Differential Diagnosis is supposed to be applied in this situation. It makes me angry that it’s not being applied. Because this is Medicine 101.

Another Medicine 101 concept is the false positive. Every single psychiatrist who has approved anyone of any age for sex change treatment knows what a false positive is. And knows that they may be making one when they certify these people for treatment. Below is a link to the absolutely superb post by fourth wave now where she trenchantly analyzes and clearly lays out the issue of false positives in transgender diagnosis and makes clear that this is an issue even for people, unlike me, who believe the transgender is a real thing. This is one of the blunders involved in making a psychiatric diagnosis on the basis of the completely sociopolitical phenomenon of “how a person identifies”.


And here is my cartoon on False Positives




5 thoughts on “False Positives

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  2. At this point I think it has been clearly demonstrated that it is a religious belief system, entirely dependent on faith. Remarkably similar to anorexia which doctors still do not treat by agreeing with the patient that they could stand to lose a few pounds.

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  3. Thank you. I was JUST talking about this with some comrades — there are so many similarities between this trend and the trend of the late ’80s-early ’90s of claims of satanic cult abuses or ritual abuse. No science, lots of histrionics, and the powerful maintain their power. no one is accountable, and anyone who might say “um, the emperor has not clothes, yo”, was and is subject to insult and threats. Lots of doctors and “helping professionals” making lots of money from these trends.

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