And Then There Were Three

This cartoon represents a thing that according to my reading a lot of lesbians and gay men wish would happen. Me too. Feel free to share it.




5 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three

  1. I think it’s absolutely critical that homosexual rights activists distance themselves from the perversion that the transgender rights movement has turned into. Not out of hatred for any individual who genuinely suffers from gender dysphoria, but because the countenancing of transgressive behaviors and alliances with pro-pornstitution and pedophilia, the general failure to question any of this and the tendency to brush these associations under the rug, is ultimately going to lead to one helluva backlash and it is likely to be laid at *our* feet, to the extent that we support GLBT.

    That said, I fully support gender non-conforming, gender abolition, any and all efforts to challenge gender scripting and enforcement.

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