The Doctors and the Trans Kids








6 thoughts on “The Doctors and the Trans Kids

  1. The whole MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS BASED ON SEX ROLE STEREOTYPES shows me a couple of things:

    (1) That trans theory was/is developed by professionals
    It is not a grass roots movement for to be considered trans
    necessitates a medical diagnosis that assigns them to that category
    even though they hate gender or sex assignment
    and a diagnosis of dysphoria for which the cure
    is for everyone to bow down to their demands
    and play the game of the Emperor’s New Clothes.
    I suspect the plastic surgery industry developed trans theory
    backed by the medical doctors
    and, the psychiatric industry
    (I have had my run-ins with with therapists on this issue)
    My first clue is the conflation by respectable professionals
    of medical/mental diagnosis based on sex role stereotypes!
    (2) The theorists were/are out of touch with feminism
    claiming that they are women but not knowing anything about feminism;
    they could have allied with women on commonalities, i.e.,
    violence by the men in their lives, economic injustice,
    housing and job discrimination, street harassment, etc.
    But, they wanted to be exclusive of women
    in their trans support groups in order to develop their domineering theory
    while demanding inclusivity and fluidity from us.
    They are also out of touch with other social movements (i.e., civil rights)
    conflating some of their non-violent issues with women
    who have a vision of our own
    with the long violent struggle for civil rights.
    (3) The theorists feed on that small population
    who had long yearned to be “the other”
    offering them a solution no one else had ever offered before
    and they could not resist;
    plastic surgery, dependency on the medical/mental profession
    to assign them to another gender, was their answer.
    doing away with the binary, so they claim,
    yet transiting between the same two poles of female/male.
    They have have also created a new binary: c/s/trans.
    (4) Plastic surgery is paid for, often, by Medic-Aid or other governmental agencies
    (5) When the professionals offered the option to individuals to jump start
    their sex, individuals who yearned, fantasized, and even died for such,
    found the offer too powerful to resist
    and they will go to any lengths to get it.
    (6) If we analyze their dialogue,
    trans rhetoric is a conflation of professional dialogue (diagnosis)
    with foul street language, which makes it quite challenging
    to know, at any given time, from whence they come.
    (7) The medical and mental professionals are rooting for trans’
    anti-social behavior, i.e., calling in bomb threats during women’s conferences
    dismantling women’s music festivals and women-only spaces
    though they reserve the right to have their own trans-only spaces,
    disrupting lgbt marches, vandalizing public art/sculptures.
    If you point out to therapists any and/or all of this anti-social behavior,
    the professional will surely ask you, “Why did they do that?”
    banking on your answer, “Because they feel excluded from women-only space.”
    Dugh! You have just provided their own justification for the anti-social behavior
    while they (the therapists) are not saying a thing; you get silence from them.


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