Part-time Women

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This is straight out of Gender Hurts, a book by Sheila Jefferys. There are actual men like this and under Britain’s 2004 Gender Identity Act they can be legally considered women.



2 thoughts on “Part-time Women

  1. Yup – and they really do hate and resent women. They reserve a particularly nasty, jealousy-fuelled hatred for Lesbians, but they hate all women, including whatever handmaids are currently serving as their narcissistic supply. They hate us because of our ‘privilege’ at being born female. Because we have body parts they cannot possess and we fail to centre them on the male orgasm, they appropriate us and violate us by misrepresenting their way into beard marriages, by demanding inclusion in female space and proclaiming pseudo-feminist identities, by co opting us into the public display of their sexual fetish, vaunting their exhibitionism and voyeurism, crowing about being ‘one of the girls’ – this behaviour seems to be intended to signal with a bizarre kind of gloating exaltation, how much better he is at being a woman than women.


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